Having been contacted by so many Brides and Grooms uncertain about dates and feelings around their wedding day, we are offering a Q&A open session through the Lockdown of COVID 19. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email them over and we will get them published to this page but also we will answer personally to yourself also. We hope you found this useful as many other have too – We understand the pressure and stress around this with planning our own wedding too we can relate very much with you:

• I’m beginning to feel low due to my wedding having to be postponed for another year. Not sure what to do to keep my interest in this?
Sometimes this can happen especially after so long of planning and getting so close to the date and it then having to be moved. The best thing to do is remember that it is for the safety of not only yourself and your Husband to Be but also all the guests that would have been attending. Look at a list of items that have been booked and look at what may need doing. Or have a virtual call with all the bridal party and go through ideas about the hen party and maybe discuss the night before the wedding. If you need a list of requirements of services, please send us an email asking for the list and quoting COVID-19 Q&A and I will send you a list.
• We have had to postpone our wedding; our venue is only offering us a Friday or a Sunday. We are unsure whether this will affect the number of guests that attend?
A lot of weddings now are taking place on a Friday or a Sunday, my question to the venue would be what is the cost difference…? Most venues charge lower prices for a Friday or a Sunday wedding or have deals on for couples to get married on them days. Either that or if you are majorly concerned about guest numbers, select a certain number of guests and do a little virtual survey – Make it fun.
• We have paid deposits to all our suppliers and with the current situation of COVID-19 we have been offered a full refund or postpone to a new date from all but one supplier. What shall we do?
The first thing I always advise my clients is to make sure each supplier has a set Terms & Conditions/Policy and Procedure, if they don’t then I would advise for them to have one in place or clearly point out there refund procedure under certain circumstances. If you do have a contract and a set of terms, please check these. Terms and Conditions are there for a reason and every company should have a set if payments are being taken and risks of cancellations arise.
• We received confirmation from our registrar today that our new date has been accepted but we have been told by one of our suppliers that they are not available. Where do we stand with this?
First thing first did you contact this provider prior to changing your date to check availability.? If you did and they did not pencil it in I would question why this wasn’t done as most of our clients we are providing a certain number of dates we can do and asking them to advise us within 7 days (depending on timescale from registrar) If you did not discuss with the supplier prior to the change of date then unfortunately suppliers are free to book dates out to new or existing clients on a first come first serve basis.
• We have had to postpone like many others, our venue is not offering the same price and in fact is wanting to charge us 2021 prices for something that is not within our control. We feel this is unfair and not sure what to do?
This would fall under the venue discretion on whether to charge you 2021 prices or whether to honour you the original agreed price. This is subject to their terms and conditions – Please check these and make sure you check cancellation policy or events outside of our control. I would also discuss in detail with your venue to discuss the only option being finding another venue as the price increase has affected your budget.
• We have been told that we can rebook our wedding for a free date in September this year, we are so uncertain at the moment as we don’t want to get our hopes up again to then have to postpone for another 6 months?
In this situation I can completely agree with you and the feeling of uncertainty, I think many people are feeling the same as so much is unknown. My advice would be to have 2 dates with all suppliers one for September but also maybe one for next year on a chosen date, that way if September comes round and you need to reschedule you already have a date set in place as a second option. Don’t let it make you feel any different about your wedding but get yourself prepared for both dates potentially being your wedding day.
• With all the uncertainty I have stopped planning my wedding and I just don’t know what to do or where to start again to get myself back into it all?
Depending on your wedding date if this current situation has made you feel like this it may be a good thing to just take a break for a week or so. To get back in to it I would look at the items you have sourced but also look at ideas you have and maybe look at how creative you are in these times and see whether you can add your own personal touch on to your wedding. Get others involved virtually, maybe give family members or bridal parties different jobs. Do things that aren’t going to cost a lot of money or that you can upcycle, and if it doesn’t turn out right then you know you have all had a bit of fun and tried something new or realised something new about yourselves whilst in this lockdown.
• We have had to postpone our wedding until September with a provisional date for 2021, our photographer wasn’t available and agreed to agree on a refund process. They later came back to us and informed us they were struggling with funds, have since then removed their Social Media accounts, Cut off Phone Number and Dissolved the Business according to Companies House. What should we do and Where do we stand?
First question for me to ask is if you have wedding insurance? If you do try and give them a call as the business is completely dissolved, they may be able to assist you, if that doesn’t work try the financial ombudsman or trading standards… I am not sure whether they will be able to help but if you put pressure on your insurance if they are reluctant this should budge them into helping. If you don’t have wedding insurance, I would try and see whether they had a forwarding address on the contract or on Companies House and if so it may be worth writing a letter to them to request they contact you.
• I’m having trouble with my wedding venue with date changes and considering cancelling my venue. Does anyone know that if you cancel the registrar, do you receive a refund? 
Cancelling a registrar, you would lose your money. Some councils now are allowing full refunds if weddings cancel due to the pandemic. Speak to your local council but If you keep the registrar booked and just change the venue it would only cost you a small fee. This maybe something to consider rather than cancelling the registrar altogether.
• We are supposed to be getting married in August this year and have had no information from our wedding venue yet. We are unsure of what their policy is due to a pandemic. Just wondering if any brides have had to postpone yet? 
Usually within your terms and conditions from all suppliers there should be a section in there explain your rights on cancellation due to ‘causes outside of your control’. Please check your terms with your venue ask them to forward them to you if you have misplaced them. Most venues and suppliers are understanding that events may be a long term wait but are being solely led by the government on their updates every day and month.
• We are being offered by our venue to postpone but are not being offered similar dates to our original date. Our wedding was meant to be a Friday in August, but we are being offered mid-week dates before May 2021. What should we do? 
I would speak to your venue directly regarding this issue maybe ask them why they are not offering you a date closer to your original date booked with them. Discuss in detail and explain your reasons for wanting that date. Before doing so go through your contract with them and the terms and conditions to see what there reschedule policy is, as some venues have policies that require customers to rebook within 6/12 months before a cost increase applies.
• Our videographer keeps changing his policies and is now telling us to change our date we would incur an increase in cost of £500. Our alternative is cancelling and losing £500 deposit we have already paid. Is this unreasonable?
This is against the law to do this, all terms and conditions if changed all clients should be written to at least 30 days prior to the new terms taking effect. The price increase unfortunately is at his own discretion, but you would have hoped out of good will and it not be within your control he would have been happy to honour the same fee. If your going to cancel make sure you are able to do so under the regulation that events will not be able to take place, for instance if your marrying in September you want to make sure the government have made it clear events won’t be taking place. Also speak to Citizens Advice Bureau and Trading Standards as they may be able to advise better with more legal experience.
• We booked our venue before lockdown but have since been unable to book the registrar for obvious reasons. Our wedding is for July 2021 and have since spoken to the registry office. We have been informed that when bookings begin again, they will be doing so in date order, I am worried that our date will end up being taken and we won’t be able to get a registrar. I feel we will be forced to postpone to 2022, what are our options?
I would discuss with the registrar and voice your concerns and see what they advise. Unfortunately, they are in a tight ring because brides who have had to postpone will expect first refusal, although some brides have already rescheduled dates with all suppliers including registrars, so some councils are allowing bookings of already postponed weddings. So please just talk to them and ask them if they can inform you of availability for your requested date, they should be able to give this to you considering it will not breach data protection. A lot of suppliers are wondering the same whether there will be a snowball affect here and 2021 brides will reschedule to 2022 due to the rescheduling of 2020 brides to 2021 unless you already pre-booked.